I am looking for maybe 10 people

Who are interested in a small, closed group that talks daily of living frugally. I am doing everything I can to cut costs to save money to move and would like to exchange ideas on a regular basis, lots of conversation . I would like people who are able to talk during the day.stay at home or work at home people, retired. I am hoping with having conversations regularly will keep me on track.

Frugal or Smart?

I’m getting ready to buy two tires for my Honda. I want the tires to match the same brand as the other two.
One tire is $110.00 for 320 tread wear and the other choice is $135.99 for 600 tread wear. It seems worth it based on the tread wear to go with the higher priced tire , but my frugal bone wants to buy the cheaper tire.
Since I don’t know anything about tires, any advice would be appreciated.
PS: I live in Southern CA, so I don’t worry about snow or rain.

My husband and I are 4 years apart

I would need the money more should I outlive him than we need it now. I was told I should take the most now and invest the $90 that I would probably make more money. I think we might not be good about doing that. I’ve had both scenarios suggested for different reasons.