Hey, you brought up several good points

We are debt free except for a small car payment. I think maybe it would be best to allow more for me. I have not worked so I will have to depend on our 401k and social security. I’m not sure if I will get anymore of his other pensions or not. He’s just retired and we’re not sure about a lot of things!

All the answers to these questions will lead you to your answer.

What is the age difference between you?
What is your health and his health like?
Do you have debt or a mortgage?
Could you move somewhere cheaper or get rid of your car and walk to most places?
Could you sell stuff to add money to your budget?
Do you have extended family who will support you?
Do you have expensive taste?
Can you cut back and become extra frugal?
Have you done a budget for just you?
Do you have a other sources of income?
Do you have long term nursing care?

What are your own assets without that amount?

Is the ninety dollars a large amount in comparison to the total or something the two of you might not even notice much now? Both my husband and I chose the retirement plan that gives a pretty good chunk to the survivor. Right now, without debt, either of us could make it on what we would have had without the benefit from the other but one heavy health event could take that away. He is looking at probably his third back surgery which will be more extensive and expensive than the first two so a lot could change.