Mark, I totally get the urge to want to pay off all your credit cards asap

but I’m wondering as to why you don’t feel the need to throw that money at building up a bigger emergency fund? You have a family and you live in CA. Contrary to what Dave teaches, $1000 really isn’t adequate for you, realistically. I understand you have a financial background, and I also understand that you don’t want to carry this debt, but to be honest, for a long time, I’ve wondered why you haven’t concentrated on building your emergency fund to something more substantial along the line of $3000 (or more to be honest) before you start aggressively attacking those bills? I’m not trying to be confrontive here, so if I sound that way, I do apologize, it’s not my intent. I just have felt with all the uncertainty, and the fact that your husband’s job situation has been rather precarious, and you do have a number of children, and last of all, you’re renting and things can always change there, why don’t you pause on the aggressive bill repayment and build up a lot more security for your family?