Balloon mortgage…

I haven’t been around lately, but that doesn’t mean we’re not working towards getting rid of debt! :)

We’re actually doing ok right now…putting money towards snowball, making all of our bills every month, etc.

I wanted your thoughts on a balloon second mortgage. Yes, I know I shouldn’t get one..but too late, we did, 9 years ago. Our original mortgages came in two…a larger one, and a smaller, balloon payment one (what can I say, we were 24 and stupid)

So, with all of this paying down of debt….wondering where to put in the balloon mortgage? It’s currently at $25,000, and if we paid at current payments, we’d have to come up with $6,000 when it matures in 2020. My next in line snowball is my car…which is at 8,000. So, do I add the balloon mortgage after the car is paid off? Or do I throw money at the balloon? Keep in mind our house is currently worth less than we owe…we’re closing that gap, but still not there. I’m hoping that it would be possible to refinance to a smarter, 15 year mortgage before the balloon comes due…but not a guarantee. We committed to not walking away from this house and leaving someone else holding our debt.

Other good news – many of our stupid things things of the past will begin to roll off our credit report this year!! Yay for improved credit if we do try to refinance!!